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We make the Digital Product Passport easy for you.

DIGITAG by Clim8 is the perfect toolkit to support brands in the digitization of their collection and in the journey towards greater sustainability and circularity. Turn your products into smart enablers, for up-to-date compliance with European and American regulations and create new forms of engagement in the value chain (raw material, vendors, retailers, end users and product end-of-life).

DIGITAG has been created by Clim8, the global innovation leader in intelligent thermal technologies for wearables. Clim8 has been granted an ISPO Award in 2023 for DIGITAG.

Our approach, your benefit

Make it easy, compliant and engaging.


Not every business has the resources to develop their own Digital Product Passport. That’s why we provide an easy-to-implement solution.



Consumers become more conscious of the environmental implications of their purchases, seeking reliable and easily accessible information.

User engagement

We offer brands a way to differentiate themselves beyond future regulations by offering a digital experience that complements the product.

Designed by outdoor and sports industry experience.

No disruption of the production process.

We take care of the digitalization of your products.

Secure data storing in Europe & USA.

Easy to use, no app required.

Your brand’s digital enabler

Why DIGITAG is for you?

With a strong R&D DNA and deep knowledge of the outdoor/sportswear markets and players, we work seamlessly to provide you with a plug-and-play solution that requires no additional IT development or IT resources for implementation on your part.

We focus our services first on what matters most to companies: simplifying and addressing compliance in a dizorganized international regulatory environment.

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These brands trust our proven and demonstrated digital capabilities – quick and easy to work with, easy to adapt, scalable and to your needs, changes on the push of a button. With us, you get everything you need, but nothing you don’t.

Designed by Outdoor & Sports Industry Experience